Dynapp introduces its latest offering, Splinterless. Its an all new web application framework that comes complete with a full content managment system (CMS), blog, customer invoicing system, email marketing and more. The team here at Dynapp continues to develop apps for Splinterless such as a forum, wiki, project managment tool... for starters. The sky is the limit with Splinterless!!


We've been in the hosting business for a very long time! Over the many years we have aquired a huge amount of resources and technology. Why not share all this power with our fellow man? HostFold is our way to provide clients with reliable and powerful hosting solutions that just can't be beat. All that with the personal level of technical support that no other company can offer!... HostFold is a no brainer!


Recently aquired ClinicApps.com is a full service website and marketing solution for chiropractors around the world. We are excited to take this offering under our wing and put our talented resources to work developing new functionality and features to better serve the chiropractic community! We'll start with moving ClinicApps.com to our new Splinterless platform. THIS is going to be amazing!